Borrow Proxy

This proxy manages the basic operations in the "Borrow" and "Lend" sections of the frontend.

Controller deals with Wrapper Ether. The post and withdraw functions allow to operate with regular Ether.

  • borrowDaiForMaximumFYDai and borrowMinimumDaiForFYDai enable a user to borrow fyDai and immediately trade it in the pool for Dai.
  • repayFYDaiDebtForMaximumDai and repayMinimumFYDaiDebtForDai enable a user to exchange Dai for fyDai in a pool and use the resulting Dai to repay Controller debts. This will sometimes be more advantageous to the user than using controller.repayDai.
  • repayDaiWithSignature enables a user to repay debt in Controller using Dai with an off-chain signature instead of a previous dai.approve.
  • buyDai, sellDai, buyFYDai and sellFYDai enable a user to buy and sell assets in the pools as limit orders. These are used for lending.

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